Sleep Oil With Healing Crystals & Herbs (Blue Moon)
Incorporate the benefits of essential oils and healing crystals into your bedtime routine for a restful night's sleep. The ingredients in our Blue Moon Sleep Oil promote calm, relaxation, healing and deep sleep. Each healing crystal is charged under a full moon for several hours to remove negative energy and amplify its healing properties. Plus, it smells good enough to wear as a soothing perfume during the day. Apply a small amount to bottoms of feet, temples, wrists and chest before bedtime. Take a few deep breaths to inhale the soothing aroma of the essential oils and relax your mind and body.About Spirit Oils: While out on a walk with my dog Spirit one day, I thought about how much joy he brings to my life. Right then and there I decided to name my oil blends company after him. I wanted my oils to uplift the spirit of others in the same way that my boy Spirit uplifts me. Spirit Oils are unique elixirs infused with essential oils, healing stones and herbs. They smell divine, have healing and mood boosting properties, and are beautiful to look at. Whether you wear your oil blend for its healing properties or as a perfume, my hope is that it uplifts your spirit in one way or another. And for every bottle of oil you buy, you help support the betterment of the lives of animals. This year's chosen animal charity is Farm Sanctuary and $1 of every bottle sold will go to support their mission.